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Dragon Turtle Games focuses on producing content that's easy to use and fun to play.

Founded in 2016 in Hong Kong, Dragon Turtle Games is based in the United Kingdom and has produced and published more than 30 best selling and well received tabletop products.


Throughout the products published by Dragon Turtle Games you will consistently find themes of human rights and environmentalism. These are very important issues to the team at Dragon Turtle Games, so we try and raise awareness of these issues and donate to charities directly involved in these causes. 
We have donated thousands of pounds since 2016 to many great causes including The Bail Project, Stonewall, and the Woodland Trust.


In 2022 and 2023 we ran successful fundraisers for The Trussell Trust, raising more than £1000 to help stop food poverty in the UK.

We intend to continue to support these great causes through direct donations and fundraisers.

Robert Marriner-Dodds
OUR Founder
Robert Marriner-Dodds

Robert Marriner-Dodds is the founder and director of Dragon Turtle Games Ltd. 

Robert is responsible for the day to day decisions, and long term direction of the company. Robert also designs and edits many of Dragon Turtle Games' products. 

A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, Robert was born in December 1991 in Southend-on-Sea and studied computer science in Cambridge.

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