Dragon Drop Adventures Vol. 3

Dragon Drop Adventures Vol. 3


Vol. 3 of our five star Dragon Drop Adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition!


The third volume of Dragon Drop Adventures includes four single session adventures:


  • The Merchant's Daughter - Level 9
  • Dreams Of A Baron - Level 10
  • Return From Nostos Island - Level 11
  • Murder In The Stormwinds - Level 12


Each Dragon Drop Adventures 5e Vol. 3 PDF contains everything you need to run the adventure, including:


The Adventure backstory: Information on the background of the adventure is included at the very beginning of every PDF. This may be learned by the players in time, or simply background information for the Dungeon Master.


How to Customise or Adapt the Adventure: A simple guide is included that details how to fit that specific adventure seamlessly into your campaign or setting.


The Adventure itself: The adventures are designed to be easy to read and follow. Each encounter features flavour text, details of the encounter and information about how much treasure and XP to award the players for completing it.


A Player map and a DM map: Every adventure comes with a full colour digital player-safe map and a DM map as standard.


How to expand the adventure: A simple guide on how to use the adventure as a campaign seed, or follow up plot hooks in future sessions.


Appendices of the custom NPCs, Monsters and Magic items: Each adventure features at least one custom NPC, Monster and Magic item. These are balanced, fun, and original to keep your players on their toes!


Character art: Each adventure features four fully illustrated characters or monsters to help you and your players visualize the adventure!


Delivered via PDF

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