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Roleplaying games rock! Although sometimes you don't have the time to prep a session, and other times you simply want to run a professionally produced one-shot adventure! That's where we come in. 

Dragon Drop Monthly is our continuation of the much loved Dragon Drop Adventures 5e series.

These monthly adventures are created to be easy to use adventures for 3-5 players, that a DM can simply drag and drop into their campaign.

Dragon Drop Monthly modules are designed to be played in a one to two session and with minimal tweaking can fit easily into any campaign and setting.
These adventures are designed to only require a small amount of preplanning, aside from reading the document.

Not only will each Dragon Drop Monthly contain a new Dragon Drop Adventure every month, it'll also include an article on a relevant topic such as D&D, tabletop gaming, miniatures, and more! 

As we unlock more goals, there will be more articles and more adventures each and every month! With your help, we hope to get Dragon Drop Monthly to the length and quality of the legendary Dragon or Dungeon magazines!

Become a patron to help us make Dragon Drop Monthly bigger and better than ever before. You'll gain access to Patreon only content in each issue that you will never be able to get elsewhere!

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